Oscar attended St Andrew’s School where one of his favourite activities was collecting eggs at Happy Hens Farm.  He always preferred hands on work, so he chose to go to Landmarks College, where he learned more about working outside.

Oscar came to Transition 2 in September 2014 using his personal budget to pay for his support in order to learn how to catch the bus and become more independent.  Since joining us he has learned to catch the bus totally independently from college to home, using his mobile phone to contact staff and family so that he can keep safe and make arrangements.

Oscar works with our vocational Sessional Tutor, gardening in the grounds of T2 and he recently transferred his skills to Warwick House Care Home, mowing the lawn and potting planters.

During his time at T2, he has volunteered with The Conservation Trust, learning to work in a team in a variety of environments around the city and clearing overgrown parkland to help manage various habitats.

More recently, Oscar has been volunteering at Barleyfields Equestrian Centre providing water for the horses and filling the feeding bags with hay in the stables.

Oscar loves using tools and has been responsible for helping with DIY jobs around the college.

He is gaining confidence and becoming a more independent young man, including having the support of his college staff and family to call in at the local pub in his village to have a pint between getting off the bus and walking home on Fridays!