12 Hour Rowing Challenge

Encouraging and supporting our learners to set and achieve individual health and fitness goals is an important part of our work here at Transition2.

Our friends at Rolls–Royce in Derby also understand the importance of this; so much so that four teams of Rolls–Royce colleagues and friends jumped at the chance to organise a fitness challenge of their own, a 12 hour Rowing Challenge, in order to raise funds to purchase some new gym equipment for our learners to use at college.

Learners will use the equipment at college to develop their interest and then progress to using fitness equipment out in the community to further maximise their fitness goals.



The 12 hour Rowing Challenge took place at Transition2 on Saturday 20th October 2018. Rowers arrived onsite at the bleary eyed time of 6.30am to get ready for their 7am–7pm row-a-thon.

College staff, friends and supporters came along on the day to lend their support to ensure the rowers remained buoyant enough to stick to their task.


4 hours


The teams rowed a total of 648km within the 12 hour period, an incredible achievement. The Shop Floor team, captained by Rob Rowan, took the honours of rowing the furthest during the course of the day, an astonishing 171km. Felix Frixou, Managing Director of Benz Bavarian in Derby, presented Rob and his winning team with the much coveted Transition2 Rowing Challenge cup along with a celebratory magnum of Prosecco.


winners and team


Sponsorship amounts are being collected and we expect the total fundraising amount will be confirmed in early December.

Transition2 staff, learners and Governors are extremely grateful and humbled for the efforts and support shown by the rowers, their supporters and sponsors in the build-up to and on the day itself. The event was a great success, and it’s one that aligns itself so well to the principles and values we aim to instil within all our learners – the importance of relationships, responsibilities and resilience.

Final hour