Learning opportunities

Learners follow individual pathways throughout their time at T2 which encourage them to ‘start with the end in sight‘.

T2 learner

To find out more information about our personalised programmes, please read Bespoke Pathways and Areas of Learning.

If you are a young person and would like to know if T2 is the right place for you, have a look at our Learners’ Zone.  There you can find out about the different learning opportunities we offer, including independence skills, confidence building and preparing for work.

I always felt reassured in seeing his personal timetable on the wall.  It was lovely to see that all of the students were being given individual and personal attention and that their timetables were tailored to suit their own needs. He gains peace of mind knowing what he has planned during the week and I think that this has also helped build his confidence.
Miss S. Clark, Parent

Online learning

Transition2’s timetable of online learning, as part of our blended ‘one size fits one’ approach, is published to learners, parents/carers and colleagues weekly, via email.

Secure access to online sessions is ensured by utilising passcode features of the educational platform and resourcing requirements are detailed in advance to ensure full participation in the sessions is possible. In addition, paper copies of worksheets are forwarded to learners’ and families’ homes via the postal service, so that learners can enjoy physically receiving everything they need for the week and having coloured visual resources applicable to their individual sensory needs. We see worksheets and timetables proudly displayed around learners’ homes; for example step-by-step visual instructions for making a hot drink can be seen on view in learners’ kitchens, which maximises their independence in skills for daily life, as well as their capacity to proactively contribute to social routines in the home.

meal prep 2

Monitoring and assessment takes place, as usual, via a combination of person-centred learner-led reflective WWWEBI activities, as well as worksheet completion that is shared via Keyworkers with the Teaching and Learning Coordinator for purposes of internal verification and progress monitoring, as well as to inform weekly planning. Learners are encouraged and supported to engage with lessons like they would if on-site, presenting in a clean and appropriately dressed manner, being ready on time for the session with the necessary belongings / resources and saving eating/drinking for breaktimes.


As well as formal academic learning sessions, timetables also include details of pastoral tutorial sessions with Keyworkers and tutor groups, and informal times when all learners, families and colleagues can choose to eat their lunch together to share essential social connection time, which supports aspects of interpersonal communication and mental wellbeing.

To find out more about our online learning offer, please see our news page which provides regular updates about sessions taking place during lockdown.