Snowdon challenge success

We’re delighted to confirm that learners and staff safely made their way up and down Snowdon. In the words of our learners “we smashed it!” Hiking on the 9 miles ‘out and back’ Llanberis path, our team of intrepid explorers pushed themselves through sunshine, rain, freezing 40mph winds and mountain fog during the 3500ft ascent. Grit and grace, sheer determination and teamwork got us through the sharp climbs and difficult terrain.


The return to Transition2 saw the hikers treated to a celebration lunch prepared by learners and staff. Our Snowdon explorers walked through the door to music, whoops, cheers and high-fives; naturally, they were very tired but visibly moved and thrilled.


The Snowdon project has delivered on so many levels; we’ve seen learners enhance their understanding of democracy, teamwork and the charity sector. Learners have improved their stamina, balance/physical movement, self-management and resilience throughout the different stages right from our Markeaton Park walks, progressing further and higher with the off-road trails of Crich and Holbrook, and eventually having the courage and confidence to attempt Snowdon. The importance of researching, saving up for, and purchasing, the right kit has also been a key area of learning for all learners.


Staying away from home has been a new experience for several learners, and the opportunity to tie this in as part of the project has been very successful. We had exclusive hire of YHA Rowen for two nights which is in a most stunning rural location. A month earlier, we took on an overnight residential at Bonsall View in Derby to help learners prepare for Rowen. Learners worked together to undertake meal prep, cleaning and sorting tasks, and took on personal responsibility for personal hygiene routines.


The project has been a focal point of conversation for several months now, and it’s been truly magical to see learners achieve their physical fitness, self-management and independence goals, and return brimming with confidence and status. Our final night away saw a deep, reflective conversation take place around the campfire – complete with marshmallows!  We all agreed that the time spent away didn’t feel like a group of staff and learners at all; more like a group of like-minded people all with two common goals –  to climb a mountain and to form genuine connections with those around them.


We’d like to say a sincere thank you to everyone involved in the project; special thanks go to our Snowdon learners and staff, the YHA team, Michelle Payne and colleagues at Bonsall View, T2 colleagues and learners who remained back at base and enabled activities to take place, learner families for being courageous, and to all those who’ve taken the time to read, share and donate to our fundraising page. Between us all we’ve raised a staggering £2500 for the Air Ambulance. Thank you, it means so much x