• Vocational outcomes

    At Transition2 we believe that all our alumni should move on from education into meaningful opportunities in adult life, through which they can continue to develop their skills as lifelong learners, as well as share their assets with the community as active citizens...

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  • Janine Cherrington, Head of Service

    At Transition2, we are passionate about finding ways for young learning disabled adults to develop their skills, experience a range of learning opportunities and become more familiar with themselves and their community, in order to make informed choices about their future...

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    Janine Cherrington, head of service, Transition2
  • Living local

    One of the key benefits of Transition2’s ability to meet the needs of local learning disabled young people is the opportunity for our learners to share their assets with their local community...

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  • Learners' Zone

    Discover some of the exciting things you could learn at Transition 2!

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  • News

    For the latest information about our events and learner updates, visit our news page

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  • Becoming a learner

    Find out more about our application process and how we support our learners to 'start with the end in sight'

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    Zak, Transition2 learner


The gardening team’s fabulous work in our grounds over lockdown means that our plant enterprise is now up and running! Vegetables, indoor and outdoor plants, and even Catnip for sale 😻
Chloe and @morleygardener have been handling orders and preparing deliveries 🛻 @thrivecharity

Our media crew has been filming for @DerbyCC #SEND team this week, capturing learners talking about #Derby and their future.
Are you thinking of making a short film? If so, get in touch with @OrgTake2 to see if they can help! 🎬 #careergoals @base_tweets @PfA_tweets @Natspec

Loving this #integrity sign @makatonlucinda ... #integritymatters 🤝

The #Makaton crew have been working hard on new signs this week ... not only is this helping their #communication skills develop, but it’s also making their hands and fingers more flexible and strong for meal prep! 👍✋💪@MakatonCharity @NHSAbility @makatonlucinda

Numaan showing us that household chores don’t need to be boring! Independent living skills, fine motor skills, concentration skills and giggles galore here @T2Derby 😁 #Independence #learningisfun #thursdayvibes @Natspec @ThriveApproach @DerbyCC #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2021

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