Living Local

One of the key benefits of Transition2’s ability to meet the needs of local learning disabled young people is the opportunity for our learners to share their assets with their local community.

Using local shops and services not only allows the learners to practise and develop their self-management and functional skills but also ensures they become active citizens in their community. In addition, being known to local people can widen the opportunities available through social and community networks, as well as helping our young people to stay safe and healthy through a broader circle of support.

We are proud of the links we continue to make with individuals and groups in Derby and Derbyshire and try wherever possible to support our learners and their families to find sustainable long-term opportunities for work placements, leisure and social activities. To read more about this aspect of our work, have a look at our personal stories.


Far too many young people with disabilities leave the city to get further education. 

It’s for this reason that Adult Social Care was pleased to invest in T2, to enable young people to remain in Derby and keep relationships with their families, friends and their community strong. 

We are really impressed with the work they are doing to support young people to get a life, not a service!

Local Authority Director and NDTi Associate