Supported Employment and Independent Travel Training

Transition2 is committed to supporting young adults in Derby to maximise their independence in the community and workplace.

Since 2022, T2 has been working with the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi), the Department for Education (DfE) and the British Association for Supported Employment (BASE), as part of the Internships Work programme, on an exciting pilot for a Supported Employment Agency in Derby. Locally, just 1.7% of people with a learning disability are in paid employment. Transition2 is supporting essential developments in supported employment for young adults with a learning disability and/or Autism, as part of the Local Authority’s commitment to Preparation for Adulthood through the Living My Best Life agenda.

The pilot is allowing staff from Transition2 to offer follow-on job coaching to those already in employment, which helps to maximise the sustainability of employment outcomes through the provision of specialist, responsive support at the time it is needed. For example, an unexpected change in shift pattern or the introduction of a new protocol or system can be dysregulating for employees with a learning support need. The presence of an experienced follow-on job coach for a short period of time to provide resources, guidance or to just chat things through, can make the difference between an opportunity suddenly becoming overwhelmingly unmanageable or an employee’s job going from strength to strength through the successful navigation of a new challenge.

Through learner-led provision mapping of Post-16 education and training providers, bespoke in-work support, increased employer engagement, and further development of Supported Internships, the pilot aims to support more young people in Derby to secure and maintain work. In addition, Transition2 is developing a programme of Enriched Independent Travel Training (EITT) to provide wrap-around support for employment, as evidence suggests that being able to travel independently to your place of work independently is a key success indicator for sustainable employment.

Transition2 is also the City’s lead on Independent Travel Training, delivering the Local Authority’s contract for ITT through an enriched programme of bespoke training for young people in Derby.

Training to use public transport not only allows young people to increase their self-management, organisational and practical navigation skills, it also helps to embed functional literacy and numeracy within exciting and meaningful activities. Some learners who are unable to read or write have learned to catch a bus with the help of our specialist staff, who create resources and routines that are unique to the aspirations and needs of the learner.

Independent travel training can be very empowering for young people, as they learn to rely on themselves and take responsibility for their safety and belongings in the community. It can also be a catalyst to other aspects of development as a young adult, such as aspiring to have a job or being more socially confident to build relationships with others.


For further information on Supported Employment or Independent Travel Training in Derby, please contact the programme leads:

Alex Newman

Amie Brown