Areas of Learning

There are five key areas of learning at Transition2, the identification of which helps to focus our young people and families/carers on possibilities for future life outcomes.

Learners and people in their circle of support work with our experienced teaching and learning team to establish realistic long-term goals which are divided into targets within the specified learning areas.

Print  Community Skills

Being a part of our local community is really important to us here at T2 so we encourage our learners to go out and experience all the exciting things Derby and Derbyshire have to offer. Whether you want to travel independently on public transport, become more confident at the shops or learn to look after yourself in and around the local community, we can support you to practise and develop your skills.

Opportunities available in this area of learning include Independent Travel Training and Communicating for Shopping and Leisure.

Iron  Learning for living

Do you want to learn how to cook your own lunch or bake your favourite cake? Perhaps you want to develop your skills in the home so one day you can get your own place or live more independently? Here at T2 we offer lots of opportunities to gain confidence in cooking, home management and independent living skills, including important lessons about how to keep yourself healthy and safe.

????? Functional Skills

Here at T2 we offer classroom-based lessons in literacy, numeracy and ICT but mainly work with letters and numbers in lots of practical situations like cooking or going to the cinema so that you learn the things you really need to know for your future.

Whether you want to save your money in the bank or spend your money in the shops, we can support you to gain the skills to become more independent and also to understand the responsibilities this brings.

This is Me  This is me!

We believe it is important to get to know yourself really well at this stage of your life so that you can understand more about the future you would like to have and how to get the support you need to make it happen.

Perhaps you find busy or noisy places challenging or maybe you are trying to take more responsibility for your health … life as a young adult is all about learning more ways to help yourself, understand the world around you and become more independent.

?????  I want to work

Some of our learners want to develop specific vocational skills so they can work towards getting a job in the future. We have our own small hair and beauty salon, allotment and large kitchen, and we also know lots of people in the local community who can help you to gain the skills you need in order to find a job you enjoy.


‘One size fits one’

At Transition2 we take a person-centred, individual approach to supporting our learners on their journey to sustainable outcomes in adult life. We do not offer generic courses or a prescribed curriculum from which learners select a preference that best fits their needs. All our pathways are unique and created with the young person and his/her circle of support in order to meet the individual’s long-term educational goals. This way of working embodies our ethos that ‘one size fits one’.