Bespoke Pathways

Each learner’s bespoke learning pathway is co-produced through person-centred planning sessions and a target setting meeting that includes the learner and representatives from their circle of support.

T2 learners and their circles of support are encouraged to ‘start with the end in sight’ and supported to think about their medium to long term aspirations. With specialist support from experienced colleagues, learners find ways to identify and share their assets and skills in the community. Learners are also supported to recognise the importance of ‘wrap-around’ skills for employment and citizenship, such as getting dressed appropriately for the weather, making a packed lunch, and travelling on public transport.

It is the role of our experienced teaching and learning team to research, devise and support opportunities through which our learners can make progress towards their long-term goals. The learners themselves are actively involved in co-producing their programmes of study and monitoring their own progress, using individually bespoke target charts based on key outcomes for adulthood in their EHCPs.

At T2 we also emphasise the importance of peer monitoring so that the young people share in each other’s learning journeys. All learners are encouraged to record their progress in their ‘Individual Learning Plans’ (ILPs) which inform curriculum planning to ensure learners are working at a pace that is both achievable and challenging.


T2 learners have a very bright future.  

This is nurtured within each individual by an amazing team of warm, caring, encouraging and highly skilled staff. Through new opportunities, experiences and achievements, learners grow in self-confidence, independence and shine with happiness.

I feel that Transition 2 is the best thing that has happened to young people with learning disabilities in Derby.  I highly recommend it.

Shared Lives Carer