Saif, by Alex Newman,
Teaching & Learning Coordinator

Saif arrived at Transition 2 as a young man who was clearly anxious of and unable to cope with the world around him. Having previously been unable to access the educational opportunities available at Broomfield College as a result of on-going mental health and self-confidence issues, he enrolled on a programme aimed at developing his independence and self-awareness.

During the first year at Transition2, the college facilitated meetings between educational, health and social care professionals which led to Saif receiving the appropriate medical and social support he required. Along with making great progress in his communication and self-management skills, Saif has since been able to transform his life and is now looking to fulfil his enormous potential in the future.

Saif now enjoys participating in a wide range of activities with his peers as well as with his Shared Lives Carer.  He accesses a voluntary housekeeping job at a care home within walking distance of his home and has even been known to cook a meal for his whole family and visit his local hairdressers independently.

Saif’s progress and success is epitomised by the fact that he now is transitioning out of Transition2 back to Broomfield College, where he will be accessing their ‘Working towards Independence’ programme.  In addition, Saif is learning to catch two public buses independently to the college so he will travel there by himself like many of his peers.

This is a great example of how working together, in partnership with Derby College and health and social care colleagues, we can achieve better outcomes for young people, allowing them to fulfil their potential and lead more independent lives.

Saif & Sue