Work experience


Some of our learners are on a vocational pathway, and so we support them to access meaningful and sustainable work experience placements in areas that they can further develop their skills and assets.

One of the organisations we have been working closely with since July 2014 is a local care home called Warwick House, which offers short breaks for elderly people.

Two of our graduates who began their placements at Warwick House in July continue to work there; Clare shares her hair and beauty skills and Jayden his musical performances.

Another five of our learners began a programme to rotate working in different areas each week at Warwick House, supporting residents with befriending, catering, gardening, housekeeping and admin.  Following these tasters, the learners, their Key Workers and staff at Warwick House evaluated their work and those who were interested in continuing applied for voluntary jobs in the area they excelled in.

Zara and Mark excelled in the kitchen and so Zara is now learning to walk there on her own, while Mark is travel training so he can catch the bus to work.  Steven is working independently in the office with the Secretary and Saif is housekeeping, learning to change the residents’ beds.

Saif has befriended an Asian lady named Bibi who doesn’t speak English and he chats with her in their language.  Before he starts his work he goes into the day room where she sits to say hello; it’s lovely to see her face light up when she sees him. It makes me feel very proud that he has taken an interest in this lady and shows great respect for the elderly people there.” Sue Peake, Learning Assistant, Transition 2

Mark in the kitchen