Running club

Running Club

We’re really pleased and very proud to share some exciting news!

Some of our learners and colleagues have been developing their skills via a weekly running club to increase their fitness levels and experience the perseverance required to reach longer term goals. Aiden, Arran, Dylan and Ashley have supported each other to set some great short term goals including running together as a group, increasing their distance and pace, and trying out new running environments such as local parks and running tracks. On rainy days the team have been keeping their fitness levels up by visiting local gyms and also holding some indoor fitness sessions here at the College.

Fun run:
As a milestone of achievement, they are working towards participation in Derby’s annual Sporting Futures 3km Run to be held around Pride Park on the morning of Sunday 9th April. The course will be on closed roads and footpaths on a flat level, and is fully accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs, thereby allowing all of our learners to participate should they choose.

In addition to participating in the event, the College is also taking the opportunity to raise money for Brain Tumour Research, given our recent experience supporting our colleague Naomi throughout her treatment to remove a brain tumour in September 2016. Fundraising presents an excellent opportunity to support our learners to understand how they can make a contribution to society by working together on a shared project, as well as raising the profile of the great work undertaken by charities such as this.

How to support us:
There are several ways to get involved in this project, including participating in the run with staff and learners, supporting in the crowd and/or contributing to the fundraising effort. Naturally, we are hoping for sunshine, smiles and success on the day. Please give us a wave and a cheer if you see us on the day, and please support our fundraising efforts by popping a few pounds to our cause by clicking here.